Bride FRP Zeta III Type-L Racing Bucket Seat Gradation Logo

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P/N: FL1GMF | SKU: 04R5C

This is a comparison diagram for the ZETA III and ZETA III type-L shapes.

The gray line is the standard shape ZETA III, while the red line is the ZETA III type-L. You can see that the overall size has been increased including the backrest, seat surface, and thigh region.

Product Lineup

Sales statusShell materialProduct nameCushion typeProduct NoPriceWeightCover materialFIA Approved
  Silver FRP shell Silver FRP shell ZETAIII type-L Gradation Logo FL1GMF JPY105,840- 7.3kg Flame retardant fabric
  Super aramid black shell Super aramid black shell ZETAIII type-L Gradation Logo FL1GZR JPY139,320- 7.3kg Flame retardant fabric
  Carbon aramid shell Carbon aramid shell ZETAIII type-L Gradation Logo FL1GMR JPY205,200- 6.4kg Flame retardant fabric