Diftech Steering Rack Extension Adapter - Straight for Nissan 240SX 300ZX 350Z - 10783

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These DiFtech, tie rod extensions for Nissan models are designed to give S-chassis, Z-chassis, and R-Chassis owners the option of a much higher steering angle than can be achieved with washers. Made from hardened steel, these mount in between the inner tie rods and the steering rack and allow higher lock angle than stock. Unlike rack spacer washers, these offer an additional 13mm (.511") of steering rack travel without sacrificing thread length. An increase of 19mm (.748") of travel is possible by using the included rack spacer washer as well. These are great for drifting or just for low-speed maneuverability. These are the most cost-effective way to drastically increase the lock angle of your car. 

This item is sold individually as some steering racks aren't able to be spaced evenly and only use one side. This kit includes one single hardened steel, in-line rack extension and a rack-spacer washer for even more extreme lock angle if desired. Running shorter-than-stock inner tie rods is recommended when using these extensions (For example Z33 tie rods on an S14) to maintain proper adjustment range on the tie rod. 

Fits Nissan models 240SX, 300ZX, 350Z, and Skyline R32-R34 steering racks.