Diftech Subframe Bushing Delrin ST Legal Fits Nissan 350Z Z33 chassis - 10696

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Diftech Subframe Bushing Delrin ST & FD Legal Fits Nissan 350Z Z33 Chassis - 10696


  • Fits Nissan 350z ( Z33 chassis )
  • Billet CNC machined for precise fitment
  • Machined from black Delrin and Stainless Steel
  • Complete Kit includes 8 bushings and 4 sleeves
  • Solid bushing eliminates subframe movement under load
  • Complies with Formula D height specifications
  • Complies with SCCA autocross ST category rules
  • Engraved positions for easy install
  • Engineered, fabricated, and tested in the United States

These 350Z Rear Subframe Bushings completely replace the old rubber bushings in your subframe. They are now machined to be Formula D legal, compliant with height specifications that don't allow raising of the subframe. In addition, these solid Delrin units also comply with SCCA ST category rules which don't allow any additional metal over stock in the bushing assembly. Delrin bushings are far more rigid than rubber bushings, and this assembly is 2 lbs lighter than similar solid aluminum kits.

Stock rubber bushings allow a nice, quiet ride on the highway, but they also allow a lot of flex induced by suspension side loads and torque effects from the drive train, and problems only get worse as these cars get older. This means movement at the hard points of your rear suspension, and upsetting of the engineered suspension geometry. By reducing compliance at the suspension hard points and letting the suspension arms do their job from fixed point, the rear end will feel much more predictable and linear.  This will drastically improve driveability as well as your confidence in the back end of your competitive 350Z. 

Comes as a set of 8 bushings and 4 center sleeves.

 NOTE: If solid metal bushings are preferred, DIFtech makes those too, search 10695