DIFtech Tie Rod Ends for Nissan 350Z - Pair Pillowball style Z33 10809

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These DiFtech, pillowball-style tie rod ends for 350Z are designed as a high-performance replacement for the Z33 units. Pillowball-style tie rod ends make for a lighter, smoother feel at the steering wheel. This setup is great for drifting, autocross, or any driving style that requires quick, precise steering action. Turnbuckle adjustment on these tie rods also increases the adjustment range and makes toe adjustments a breeze.

These cars are getting older, tie rods are getting worn out, and quality replacements are getting harder to come by. If you're looking to tighten up the front of your Z33 chassis or build it for performance driving, this is a great option. This kit includes DiFtech's dust sealed, pillow ball tie rod ends, and turnbuckle adjusters only. Inner tie rods sold separately.