Forgestar F14

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Introducing the Forgestar F14 the worlds first Custom Rotary Forged wheels that is available as a completely tailored wheel from start to finish. Every single F14 wheel that is made is custom built for your vehicle, This included F14 wheel size, offset, colour and width. The mentality behind the f14 is instead of shopping for a wheel that will work for you vehicle build one that fits perfectly. Pair this tailored mentality with complete colour customization for every application, a unique forging process that build strength into every design and you have the Forgestar F14 wheels. Long are days of trying to find a set of wheels that will fit your car, rotary forged Forgestar wheels are available in a variety of different colours and every wheel is custom built for you car.

This is for a set of completely custom Forgestar F14 wheels that will be made to fit on your vehicle, each set takes around 4 weeks to complete, if you do not see the wheel colour you are looking for please write the correct colour in the notes section on the checkout page.