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Copy of VR30UDP
BrandPower Pro Engineering

Power Pro Engineering upper downpipe for the VR30 Infiniti Q50 and Q60. These upper downpipes connect to our 3 inch lower downpipe, other manufacturers lower downpipe, and the stock pipe.


  • True 304 stainless steel tig welded
  • CNC Machined V-bands
  • Ceramic Coated
To prevent check engine lights (CEL) we offer O2 Sensor Socket with Mini Catalytic Converter. No check engine light. We strongly reccommend purchasing both items together.


*Tuning is highly reccommended*



  • 2016+ Infiniti Q50 Sedan
    300hp and 400hp
  • 2017+ Infiniti Q60 Coupe
    300hp and 400hp

NOTE: Turbo Outlet Gaskets are NOT included.


Ceramic Coating

Why have the turbo housing, manifold, downpipe, and the remainder of the exhaust piping coated? The application of a true thermal barrier coating retains more heat inside these components, resulting in less heat transfer. This means that the exhaust component surfaces are less hot to the touch and keep the heat inside. Keeping the exhaust gas hotter, with less transfer to the outside, helps to speed the exhaust gas flow and improves exhaust scavenging. Moreover, greater exhaust gas velocity makes the turbo spool quicker. In other words, the application of effective heat retention/ thermal barrier coatings in the combustion chamber, pistons domes, turbo housing, and exhaust piping can directly aid turbo performance.