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The VOLK RACING Wheel brand represents the benchmark for forged sport wheels that leverage racing technology.The lightness and strength of VOLK RACING wheels have been attained by applying the latest analytic technologies. Using the clean silhouette and lack of ostentation of its Volk Racing wheels as a weapon, RAYS aims to fit them on all high-performance cars throughout the world.


Made by RAYS exclusively for Nissan Motorsports USA, the new NISMO Clubsport Spec wheel is an addition to the Rays Gramlights 57CR line. The NISMO Clubsport wheel sports an attractive black finish similar to the Omori Spec LMGT4 with a machined logo on the face and is available in sizes EXCLUSIVE to the new NISMO Clubsport finish. 5×114.3 Machined [...]



Infamous for the origin of the forged sports wheel The first model was a 15 inch with a startling 3.7kg, thus TE37. This model would be known decades later as the origin of forged sports wheel and is considered one of the masterpieces from Volkracing. Excellent stress variance with a calculated 6 spoke design offering various [...]



VOLK RACING ZE40 Forged 1pc wheel  Rays Engineering has been working on a new forged wheel for the Volk Racing series, the ZE40! Utilizing the latest original technology, each spoke is meticulously designed to feature an aesthetic finish as well function. Center portion of wheel includes a new overhang design for more strength as well [...]