Spyder Nissan 350Z 03-05 Projector Smoked Headlights Halogen Model Only



The Spyder Nissan 350Z 03-05 Projector Smoked Headlights, designed exclusively for the Halogen Model, are a stylish and functional upgrade for your Nissan 350Z models produced between 2003 and 2005. Crafted by Spyder Auto, these projector headlights feature advanced technology with a modern design and smoked lenses, adding a touch of sophistication and customization to your vehicle’s appearance. Specifically compatible with the Halogen Model 350Zs, these headlights deliver improved lighting performance with a focused and crisp beam spread, enhancing nighttime visibility and driving safety. With an easy installation process as a direct replacement for the factory headlights, the Spyder Projector Smoked Headlights elevate the aesthetics of your Nissan 350Z while providing enhanced functionality for confident and stylish night-time driving. Illuminate the road with style and confidence using these captivating and uniquely customized headlights from Spyder Auto.

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