The ZSpeed 350Z, 370Z, G37 Twin/Triple Disk Race Clutch/Flywheel Kit is a high-performance powerhouse designed for serious racers and enthusiasts. With the capability to handle immense torque levels ranging from 800 to 1200 lb-ft, depending on your choice, this kit includes either a twin or triple disc clutch system, a robust flywheel, and the advanced CMAK RS-V3 Clutch Fork Release System. It’s the ultimate solution for those seeking unrivaled clutch performance, control, and durability on the track or during high-performance driving. Choose this kit to elevate your racing game to the next level.

ZSpeed 350Z 370Z G37 Twin | Triple Disk Race Clutch / Flywheel 800-1200 TQ | Includes ZSpeed | CMAK RS-V3 Clutch Fork Release System
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