ACT 350z/G35 XACT Flywheel – Streetlite



Elevate your driving experience with the ACT 350Z/G35 XACT Flywheel – Streetlite, a performance-enhancing upgrade designed to deliver remarkable results. Constructed from heat-treated chrome-moly steel, this lightweight flywheel offers reduced rotational mass for quicker throttle response and improved acceleration. Its precise engineering ensures optimal mass distribution, resulting in smoother gear shifts and enhanced clutch engagement. SFI certified for safety and quality, the Streetlite Flywheel is a direct replacement for stock components, making installation seamless. Unleash the full potential of your 350Z or G35, whether on the street or the track, with this exceptional flywheel upgrade from ACT.

ACT XACT Flywheel - Streetlite
ACT 350z/G35 XACT Flywheel – Streetlite