ARK Nissan 350Z (03-08) Z33 GRiP Collection (Cat-back Exhaust)

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The factory installed on the 350Z is sufficient for the average type of driver, but the serious enthusiasts who want their cars to growl will be satisfied with nothing but the best of the best-modded exhaust systems – and that’s where ARK Performance comes in.

The ARK GRiP Exhaust Systems are constructed using high-quality Stainless Steel. The design and layout of the exhaust system ensure performance gains without adding any extra weight. The acoustics of the exhaust also sounds exhilarating with the engine’s deep, rich notes resonating through it.

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Nissan 350Z (03-08) Z33 ARK GRiP Collection (Cat-back Exhaust)
ARK Nissan 350Z (03-08) Z33 GRiP Collection (Cat-back Exhaust)