Volk Racing 21A Wheel – Bronze



RAYS’s first model “VOLK ME SH” released in 1975. “VOLK RACING” which recorded explosive sales in 1981. “VOLK RACING Gr.A” developed in 1986 as RAYS’s first forged model. The design theme of cross-spoke = mesh worn by legendary wheels that have made a name for themselves in the history of RAYS. It is a shape that has been trained along with RAYS’s technological innovation, and continues to be a special design icon for RAYS. And in 2022. Introducing the new mesh wheel “VOLK RACING 21A” that makes full use of the latest wheel technology. The specifications that make the orthodox cross spokes tailored with elaborate forged monoblocks and enable overwhelming deep rims are exactly RAYS’s special one. While based on a traditional taste, the outer edge of the center circle dug into a cone is engraved with a machining logo by the patented technology “AMT”, which casually and effectively expresses that it is the latest model.

Volk Racing 21A Wheel – Bronze
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