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Nissan Auto Repair Riverside California

Nissan Auto Repair Shop Riverside California

Nissan, Infiniti, GT-R and Datsun Servicing, Repair and Parts Install Specialist.

Getting Your Nissan and Infiniti or GT-R Repaired is fast, easy and competitively priced. SoCal Z Garage is more than a speedshop. We pride our self in fast turn around with quality work. We perform general maintenance and repairs using Nissan OEM Replacement Parts, we also install aftermarket performance engine parts and body kits.


SocalZ Garage technicians have a passion for the preservation of the daily driver, sports car and restored classic Nissans, Infinities and Datsuns. We offer a Parts and Labor Warranty so that you can be assured that you are receiving quality work that we proudly stand beside.

Located in Riverside California, SocalZ and SoCal Z Garage have serviced many Southern California Nissan, Infiniti, Datsun and GT-R owners. We offer local parts pick up as well as a comprehensive list of repair and Install Services. Call to get a quote or book your Nissan/Infiniti/GT-R/Datsun Service online directly for fast no hassle service with transparent pricing. At SocalZ Garage its never a surprise in pricing, We make sure you are informed of all options on repairs and installs are always at the listed prices.

SoCalZ  and SocalZ Garage work hand in hand to help you get financing in full or partial for Parts, Repairs, Installation and Vinyl Wrapping. Call for help on financing options before you book servicing so that we coordinate scheduling with financing approval ( We don’t believe in having your car sitting at our shop 1 minute longer than it needs to)

Best-rated Mobile Nissan Mechanics in Riverside, CA can come to you for auto repair, diagnostics & maintenance services – Ask about availability. Pick up and Drop Off also Available.


Visit your Riverside-area SoCal Z Nissan dealer/ garage for excellent Nissan / Infiniti repair near 92505 as well as general auto service and maintenance. Our team of technicians is equipped to identify likely problems and give you the right information to care for your car, whether it’s your trusty Nissan or another vehicle make. Your 92505-area Nissan auto repair shop can actually maintain and service most vehicle types! We think taking care of your ride should be an easy, worry-free experience. Learn more about the services offered at your local Nissan dealer and book an appointment for new tire installation, tire repair, brake pad replacement or service, oil changes, and car battery replacement near Riverside.


Flat tire got you down? Let’s get the thrill back in your ride with a set of new tires or a fast flat tire fix near 92505. Your closest Nissan SoCal Z Garage in Riverside and Colton carries a wide selection of trusted tire brands. You’ll find high-quality tires for any season, any vehicle — all at an exceptional value. Explore performance tires, all-season tires and winter tires online or in-store for your sedan, electric car, truck, SUV or minivan.

If you’re not sure when to replace your tires or how to pick the right tires, stop by SoCalZ Garage near 92505. Our tire technicians can quickly tell whether your tires are over- or under-inflated, damaged or unsafe to drive on. You may find it’s time to replace your tires if your vehicle rides rough or if your tires have unusual wear, bulges, or thin tread.

Your local Nissan SoCal Z Garage service center is also the spot to go to for wheel alignment, tire rotation and balancing, and new shocks and struts near 92505. These important around-the-wheel services can help prolong the life of your tires and support performance.


Is it time to slow down for brake service in Riverside? SoCal Z Garage is the place to go for brake service and repair near 92505. We service brake systems on a range of vehicle makes, not just the brakes on Nissan vehicles.

Book an auto brake service appointment, and our team will begin with an always complimentary brake inspection.*

During the inspection, our technicians will check the level and color of brake fluid. We note any indicators of a brake fluid leak. The technician will also examine your brake pads, drums and rotors for wear. This process helps us understand why you’re experiencing brake troubles, like why the brake dashboard light is on, why you hear squealing noises when stopping, why your car pulls to one side or why it’s taking longer than usual to stop. All of these indicators can mean it’s time for brake pad, brake fluid or brake rotor service in 92505.



Oil changes are a key part of your recommended maintenance schedule. When the engine has new oil coursing through it, its many moving parts work together effectively. When oil gets too old, your engine will fight to perform like it was designed. Engine parts rub against each other too hard, generate too much friction/heat and even lead to your engine overheating.

During an oil change service at one of our car maintenance shops in 92505, your engine oil will be drained and refilled with top-notch oil that’s right for your vehicle. Your local Nissan dealer in Riverside has the best full synthetic, synthetic and high mileage oil for your Nissan. We’ll also replace your old oil filter with one that has a special anti-drainback valve. The anti-drainback valve holds the oil in the filter when your engine is off to help limit engine wear when you turn it back on.

You don’t even need to make an appointment for this automotive service. Oil changes are one of our Express Services, along with cabin and air filter replacement, tire balancing and rotation, struts, shocks, wiper installation and factory scheduled maintenance. Stop by during Express Service hours, and we’ll quickly take care of your car’s basic needs. Head to your local Express Dealer for a quick and affordable oil change near 92505.


If your vehicle is slow to start, often needs a jumpstart or makes a clicking noise when you turn the key, it could be just the right time to visit one of our auto repair shops near 92505 for a simple battery inspection and if required, a new car battery. Flicking/dim interior lights or an bright, illuminated dashboard battery light It’s the car battery’s job to provide the initial power your car needs to get started and then run important accessories, like your radio. When your battery is dead, you could be stuck with an engine that wont’ turn over and a car that’s not going anywhere.

SoCalZ Garage is a great place for car battery installation near 92505. Every visit kicks off with a complimentary battery inspection* and a conversation. We’ll test your battery’s health and recommend the best battery replacement for your car: either an enhanced flooded, standard flooded or absorbed glass matt battery. Move quickly when you have battery problems. Make an appointment at your nearest Nissan auto repair shop in California for efficient battery service. We care for a variety of cars, electric vehicles, trucks and SUVs.



Can you hear the open road calling your name? Even if you drive something other than a Nissan, you can book an auto repair and maintenance appointment in Riverside with our team of technicians and trust you’ll receive great service. Bring your bumper-to-bumper questions and problems to SoCalZ Garage auto repair shop, and we’ll bring the service you deserve. Stop by any one of our convenient 92505-area car repair shops for batteries, brakes, oil, tires and more. Check our website for fresh offers and coupons to see how much you could save on important vehicle maintenance.

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