Greddy 350Z RS Race Exhaust w/ Y Pipe (Single Exit)



This RS-Race Exhaust is a Y-back, lightweight exhaust system that focuses on performance with a very pleasing look and Loud, Aggressive sound. The 350Z comes with restrictions from the OEM which be removed by replacing the stock system with this amazingly designed yet affordable RS-Race Exhaust.

The thick-diameter, single-exit piping layout shaves some considerable weight off your vehicle and makes it lighter which enhances its performance gains. On top of that, careful attention to the exhaust layout means that the exhaust flow is flawless. That means better, deeper, and amazingly exhilarating sound acoustics that you can control with your right foot.

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Greddy RS Race Exhaust 350Z w/ Y Pipe (Single Exit)
Greddy 350Z RS Race Exhaust w/ Y Pipe (Single Exit)