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ZETA series

BRIDE’s Fixed Bucket Seat Standard Model

BRIDE’s fixed bucket seat ZETA, which has won in countless races while always keeping drivers safe. The racing comfort model, which has been tuned with consideration for all Motorsports settings, ZETA series

A seat form that perfectly envelops the driver, and a wide variety of sizes

The ZETA Series comes in 4 types to fit various heights and body types. Its design characteristics are the narrowed-down waistline and small needlepoint design of the shoulder support part. We also offer models which support car models with tight interiors to meet the needs of a broad range of users

HANS Device Supported ZETAⅢ PLUS

ZETA III PLUS is a model that is newly designed to support the HANS device. As the competitive model which supports HANS, ZETA III PLUS firmly protects the driver with neck support by installing a HANS device together with the head support which is required in many competitive categories.The ZETA III PLUS is a FIA-compliant model.

Buckskin non-slip shoulder support which perfectly holds the shoulder

We have adopted a flame-resistant material (automobile standards compliant) with increased anti-abrasion, light resistance, and colorfastness for the seat, and high quality slip-resistant buckskin for the shoulder, increasing holdability(excluding the Sports C Series and Japan Series)

Equipped with a two-piece type thigh polyurethane which distributes the body pressure of both legs and enables high pedal operability

We have enabled high pedal operability using the two-piece type polyurethane of the thigh part (excluding the Sports C Series). Also, by increasing the height of the knee support part, we have also drastically increased the pedal operability in lateral G during high-